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Bees have a stunning bite

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According to an  article on BBC' website at a honey bee can bite with a chemical that stuns the victim. They appear to use this bite against small pests such as the Varroa mite and Wax moth larvae.

"Honey-bees are known for their sting, but scientists have now discovered they can also bite.


Wild Colony Capture

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Here are some photos (courtesy of Belinda Carney) of Mark Carney, Dave Ransom, and myself capturing a wild bee colony in Marshall County on July 28. Mark called them the "Bees from hell" since they were very aggressive. Mark was stung over 40 times. I got away with a mere eight stings!

Belinda was also there helping out, but you don't see her since she is behind the camera.

I wanted to thank Mark and Dave for their kind help and expertise in capturing this hive. I could never have done it myself.

And I hope Mark is not too sore!



Pesticides culprits in Colony Collapse Disorder

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In an article in the New York Times common pesticides known as neonicotinoids is named as the culprit in Colony Collapse Disorder.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


This is How We Installed Our Bees Last Year

There are many ways to install bees.  As you know if you ask 12 beekeepers how to install bees you will get 12 different answers on how to do so. 

The first video below is how we installed our bees last year.  It worked out great. We will do the same install this year.  


Giving Ralph Seward a Hand...

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I want to personally give Ralph Seward a hand (can you hear me clapping?) for the GREAT JOB he is doing with the Tri-State Beekeepers Association's website. I think it is just wonderful we are fortunate enough to have it. I've been sitting on photos for awhile, (ever since I took them of the class this summer) and finally I decided that I should turn them over to Ralph, as I knew he would be able to do them justice here on the website. He did a beautiful job-- Bravo. Thanks Ralph.



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