This is How We Installed Our Bees Last Year

There are many ways to install bees.  As you know if you ask 12 beekeepers how to install bees you will get 12 different answers on how to do so. 

The first video below is how we installed our bees last year.  It worked out great. We will do the same install this year.  

Below is the funniest video of how NOT to install a package of bees.  This is the funniest honeybee install that I have ever seen. These guys remind me of that guys from the Napolian Dynomite movie.  I posted this especially for the Beekeepers who are installing their bees for the first time.  Just remember if these guys can do it, you can do it.  This video was from 2009 and they have recent posts about their bees from just a day ago.  Once again this is how NOT to install your bees.