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Hello to All,

As the summer is drawing to a close we are all taking stock of our apiaries.  The mid-summer bloom was disappointing and many colonies were lost due to starvation.  Those of us who fed regularly experienced fewer losses.  Now we look forward to productive fall flowers.  Right now is an excellent time to treat for mites if you have not done so already.


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Hello to All,

The Spring Conference is now thankfully behind us.  For those of you who attended, I think you must admit that it was wonderful.  Speakers were dynamic, entertaining, and gracious to us.  For those of you who helped, I am eternally grateful for without you we could have never have produced such a successful event.  For those of you who missed it…to bad, so sad!

President's Message April 28, 2016

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As Always, Hello to All,

The last time I wrote we were experiencing snow and freezing rain.  Today the springtime that we were promised has arrived.  Grass is growing, flowering trees are in full bloom, and hopefully hives are bursting.  Well, maybe not quite bursting.  Maybe enough open comb to discourage swarming.  And with the springtime comes busy times for the beekeeper.

President's Message March 20, 2016

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March 20, 2016

Hello to All,

As I write this, light snow is falling.  I thought they promised us a spring.  Have you been into your bees yet?  I applied oxalic acid in late February and was astonished at the mite drop, both in the effectiveness of the treatment, and the infestation of mites.  This is a situation that I’m afraid we will have to contend with.                                                    


Best way to control Varroa mites

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Here is a link to an article about a study done in England in which varorized oxalic acid was determined to be the most effective method for controlling Varroa mites in honeybee colonies:

Here is a quote from the article:

“It is almost too good to be true that sublimation, the best method for killing Varroa with oxalic acid, also has no harmful effects on the bees, and is the quickest to apply. 


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