Beekeeping Facebook Pages

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There are some very active Beekeeing groups on Facebook now. These groups are an invaluable source of information for both the novice and the experienced beekeeper.

One group is Backyard Beekeeping and has over 9,000 members from all over the world. Here you can ask just about anything as long as it's bee-related, and you can expect to get mutiple answers. Here is a typical post:


President's Message October 2014

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Hello to All,

To all that thought that I had left the country to work in the apiaries of China, you were wrong.  I have been for the short time out of commission.  I had back surgery in August and have been very slow on the bounce back.  I am still not permitted to lift more than 5 pounds and as a result am limited only to doing dishes and dusting.  Come on recovery!!


Bees have a stunning bite

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According to an  article on BBC' website at a honey bee can bite with a chemical that stuns the victim. They appear to use this bite against small pests such as the Varroa mite and Wax moth larvae.

"Honey-bees are known for their sting, but scientists have now discovered they can also bite.



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